Our Story

~ Our Story ~


On a gap year trip to Japan in 2009 one place resonated with April (brainchild of YumTum and Chums) the most. That place was the Instant Ramen Museum in Ikeda, Osaka. It was unlike any other museum she had been to before, she noticed that the museum had an equal balance between historical documentation and interactive fun, which kept her engaged!


The place was filled with great vibes and was extremely family orientated. A light bulb went off in her head as she thought to herself “This is a concept we are missing in the UK! Something educational, but also very hands-on based around food”. On her return home, she set about creating some personal work for her portfolio. Using the Instant Ramen Museum as inspiration, she came up with the character – YumTum.


YumTum was the original character in a series of plushie dolls that were intended to introduce children to specific geographical places and their local dishes. With further thought, she began to see a wider-scale use for the concept so she went about brainstorming the concept in more depth, coming up with a brand that embodied all the elements she had witnessed at the museum. Thus, YumTum & Chums was born! A brand that aims to teach children about the benefits of healthy food, the importance of learning to cook, and the history, traditions and preparation of intercontinental foods.